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German pork roast-Schweinebraten

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Für  Personen
  • 4-5   lb pork roast the traditional way is to use pork shoulder  
  • 1   large or 2 medium sized onions  
  • 2-3   carrots  
  • 1/4   to 1/2 celery root  
  • 2-3   cloves of garlic  
  • 2   bottles of dark beer  
  •     caraway seeds  
  • 3   cups broth  
  • 4   oz shredded raw Potato  
  •     Salt  
  •     Pepper (white if possible) 
  •     sugar  


120 Minuten
take a sharp knife and cut about 1/2 inch into the skin so it looks like squares,make sure you cut about 1,5 inches apart then season it with garlic,salt and preferably white pepper and caraway seeds then rub oil on the pork skin take a roasting pan layer it with onion(cut into rings) sliced carrots and cubed celery root if desired you can add some cut up garlic then put the pork on top with the skin facing up.
Preheat the oven at 425 roast for 20-25 min. then reduce heat to 360 and roast the pork for 120-130 minutes take a little bit more than 2 cups of dark beer and keep pouring some over the roast throughout the roasting process.
When its done add a little more than 3 cups of broth or water.
Remove the meat and start boiling the liquids and the veggies left in the pan,add 4 oz of raw shredded potato,boil it for additional 2-3 min then taste it and if needed add salt,pepper,sugar and caraway seeds.cook on medium for about 10 min and strain sauce into a pot and bring to a boil again.Now your German pork roast should be ready to serve.Goes great with potato or bread dumplings and red cabbage.
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