Loch Ness Cheese Steak Panini

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  •     Makes 4 sandwiches 
  • 1   red pepper  
  • 1   seedless cucumber  
  • 4   whole wheat thin bagels, like Thomas’  
  • 4   Tbs. light Italian dressing  
  • 8   slices provolone cheese  
  • 8   slices deli roast beef  


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Cut red pepper and cucumber into 24 1” wedges, each. Cut centers out of cheese slices. Cut 4 small circles out of centers using small round decorating tip, like Wilton #12. Cut 4 smaller circles out of cucumber using Wilton #7
Spread cut sides of bagels with dressing. Layer bagels with 1 cheese slice, 2 slices roast beef, and second cheese slice. Cover with tops
Heat grill pan or panini pan to medium low. Lightly coat both sides of bagels with olive oil cooking spray. Grill 2 min. turning once. Cut bagels in half. Immediately insert alternating vegetable wedges into center section of sandwich. Cut remaining halves in half and insert wedges
Arrange bagel pieces on plates. Lightly brush dressing on head to adhere eyes. Press cheese and cucumber circles onto bread. Serve immediately
Active time: 20 min
Total time: 25 min
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