Rosehip Marmalade

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  • 1 kg   rosehips (again, Rugosa are best for this recipe)  
  •     Soft brown sugar; for quantity, see recipe  


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Remove the seeds from the rosehips using freeze/slice/pop method as described
Put the hips into a large pan, cover with water to 3 cm above the top of the hips and bring to the boil. Reduce to a simmer, put the lid on the pan and leave to cook gently for two hours
Strain away the liquid; reserve this pending other rosehip recipes (leave to cool and pour into clean bottles, leaving a couple of inches of space at the top, and freeze)
Measure the resulting mash and add 80g soft brown sugar for each 100ml mash. Put the sugar and mash back into your pan, bring to the boil stirring, then simmer gently until the mixture has reduced. Boil rapidly once more for 10 minutes to a temperature of 105c, and test for setting by dropping a little of the liquid onto a cold saucer. Once you can make a wrinkly skin form on the top with your finger, then the marmalade is ready. Remove from the heat
If a scum has formed on the top, remove it (but don’t throw away – it’s good for ‘testing’!) and then ladle into ware, sterilised jars. Leave to cool completely before putting the lids on
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