Sparkling peach and cranberry cocktail

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Sparkling peach and cranberry cocktail Rezept


  •     Serves 6 
  • 200 ml  peach nectar 
  • 600 ml  cranberry juice drink 
  •     sparkling water or lemonade 
  •     handful fresh cranberries 
  • 6   long stems rosemary 


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Combine the peach nectar and cranberry juice drink in a jug then divide between 6 glasses. Add a few cranberries to each glass. Strip most the leaves off the rosemary (keep these to chop and use when cooking) leaving just a few leaves at the top of each stem and place in the glasses. Top up the glass with sparkling water or lemonade stirring with the rosemary swizzle stick as you do so
Tipplers tip
Replace the sparkling water or lemonade with sparkling wine with
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