Stuffed Cabbage

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Für  oz. ground turkey or chicken
  • 3   oz. ground turkey or chicken  
  • 1/2   cup each chopped onion and mushrooms  
  • 1/2   cup white beans, mashed  
  • 2   Tbs. chopped red peppers  
  • 1   tsp. each chopped thyme and parsley leaves  
  • 1   clove garlic, chopped  
  • 1   cup diced tomatoes and juice  
  • 1/2   tsp. no salt seasoning, like McCormick Perfect Pinch  
  • 1/2   cup chopped collard greens  
  • 3   small green cabbage leaves, blanched  


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In skillet, cook turkey, onion and mushrooms over medium heat 3 min. or until turkey is browned. Add beans and thyme and parsley. Cook 2 min. Cool. In skillet, cook collards in 1 Tbs. water 2 min., or until soft. Add garlic, tomatoes and seasoning. Simmer 5 min. Divide turkey mixture among cabbage leaves. Roll up cabbage leaves and tuck in ends to enclose. Place cabbage rolls in sauce and simmer covered 10 min. Serve
with sauce
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